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Tips for Repairing Your Manufactured Home

When it comes to a manufactured home, repairs and fixes can be a little more challenging than they would be in a standard home because of the way they are built and designed. There are some tricks to getting around these obstacles so you can make sure your home at Roberts Communities is always in tip-top shape.

One difficulty of making repairs in your manufactured home is finding the right size to replace broken items. Manufactured homes tend to be smaller than other homes and it can be difficult to find correctly sized doors, screens, locks, counters, or even curtains that will fit. To avoid this problem, fix items at the sign of the first problem so you won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to replace them down the road if you can’t find correct sizes.

When it comes to repairing anything or if anything breaks, always keep a detailed record of the maintenance that has been done by others and yourself. Also keep record of any conversations with your mobile home and appliance manufacturers so you can look back at them for reference.

Water heaters can be much different kinds of repairs in a manufactured home than a standard home. They are usually accessible from the outside of the manufactured home, which makes it difficult to insulate and ensure that the home has plenty of hot water. To insulate your water heater put putty tape around the door and replace the insulation when it becomes too dirty or damaged. To add insulation, secure the water heater door with screws. Always make sure you check that your water heater is level on the ground or whatever platform it is on, and that the board underneath it is level and in good condition. If the board below the water heater gets wet, it can rot easily and won’t support the water heater as well as it should.

Every manufactured home should come with a record and manual for repairs. Always keep this organized and in one place for easy access. Not all handymen are familiar with repairing manufactured homes, so having these manuals handy for them can be very helpful and prevent anything from becoming more broken.

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