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Save Money and Energy in Your Manufactured Home

It seems like everyone is “going green” and having solar panels installed on their roof or switching to eco-friendly products. It may seem difficult, but it’s actually easier than you thought to make your manufactured home energy efficient! Follow these six simple steps to having a more efficient home.

  1. Check the air vents. Curtains or furniture could be in the way of heat being dispensed. Rearrange the furniture or curtains to ensure your home is being heated efficiently. Be sure the vents stay clean and replace the filters in the heating system.
  2. Switch out your light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs are 75% more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs.
  3. Check your appliances. Do any of the faucets leak? Can your refrigerator hold a dollar bill in the door when it’s closed? If it can’t, consider replacing the door seal as it is leaking cold air. This could either make your refrigerator or your home’s heating work harder, depending on the season. Regardless, it means increased energy cost for you. If you are replacing the whole refrigerator, be sure it’s an Energy Star qualified model. As for the leaky faucets, repair or replace them as soon as possible. They could be leaking hot water causing your bills to increase!
  4. Are your windows and doors leaking warm air outside? You might want to consider replacing them. If that is out of budget, a simple plastic covering will help reduce drafts and keep your home insulated. Disposable plastic allows you to easily remove it during the summer.
  5. Your roof can play several factors in keeping your home warm. Add a reflective coating directly on the roof to cut down air conditioning costs. Adding a cool roof coating could reflect up to 85% of sunlight! In addition, a sloped roof allows for more insulation room to keep your home warm in the cooler months.
  6. Set your thermostat. When you’re home, set your thermostat to 68 degrees. When you’re sleeping or away from home, set it to 55 degrees. For each degree the thermostat is turned down, there could be a 2%-3% reduction in your monthly bills.

Becoming more energy efficient is a very simple process. Even the smallest changes could save you a good chunk of change. Imagine what you could do with that saved money! At Roberts Communities, we want to help you cut costs while still living comfortably. We offer homes at an affordable price while also giving you and your family a sense of community. Visit us today at for more information.

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