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Owning a Home

Mobile home communities have come a long way over the years. At Roberts Communities we take pride in building quality mobile houses that you can turn into home sweet home. We take pride in creating a community environment for our home owners. Currently in Texas, we have four luxury communities for you to choose from depending on what area of Texas you choose to settle down with your family.  Buying a manufactured home is home ownership and affordability.  Owning a home can affect the way you feel about your home.  When you are renting an apartment you are restricted in many ways, which can decrease the feeling of “home”. Our mobile home parks offer great communities with all the desirable amenities of an an apartment complex, without the restraints.  Manufactured homes are extremely affordable and can provide you with the benefits of owning a home.  Here are some reasons people choose to own a home.

Tax Incentives
When you own your own home, you can claim deductions for your property tax and your mortgage interest. Our tax system is designed to encourage home ownership so you can actually get more back each year when you file your taxes.

When you live in an apartment or a rented home, the property manager may have access to your home. Even if it is illegal or against the rules in your state, you may still have it in the back of your mind that they can enter your home when you are not around. When you own your home, however, you can take the proper precautions to keep unwanted visitors out of your home, such as installing an alarm system, extra locks and other deterrents.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding if you would rather buy a home or pay rent every month. Even with all of these benefits, though, you should always be careful when making your decision.

Few feelings match the feeling you get when you walk around a home that you actually owe. Even if you are in your first few years of making your mortgage payments, it feels better to live in something that you will actually own one day. You can paint your walls any color that you choose and turn up your stereo without worrying about your upstairs neighbors calling the police on you. It also provides a sense of stability and security for your family that an apartment simply does not offer.

Speaking up within your home is also much easier when you own it. No need to worry about the downstairs neighbors complaining you’re too loud, or the upstairs neighbor stomping around at 1 a.m.  You can pick every paint color and won’t get fined for scratches on the wall.  The decision-making extends to the yard as well. You can plant perennials and enjoy them forever. You can plant a tree and watch it grow and grow. You can plant a family and watch it blossom.   When you own a home you don’t need to get permission or pay fees to make it look and feel the way you want.

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