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Organizing Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes are smaller than traditional homes, and you want to be able to make use of every available space for storage and organization. Making sure your mobile home is organized is a great way to reduce daily stress and enjoy living in the home. In such a smaller space, things can quickly get unorganized, so it’s important to avoid clutter and visually enlarge your space.

When it comes to kitchen space, there may not be much room for storing pots and pans and other kitchen gadgets in a mobile home. Cabinet space is usually taken up by food and dishes, so for your pots and pans, create a pot rack. You can hang one from your ceiling or use a rack mounted on the wall to store pots and pans and keep them out of the way and organized.

Utilizing the space under your bed can be very beneficial. Measure the space between the floor and the bottom of your bed and purchase storage containers that will fit underneath them. Use these to store any extra bedding, clothes or other items you may have that you don’t use all of the time.

Installing bookcases or vertical shelves on your walls and inside of your closets can utilize a lot of wasted and unused space in your home. You shouldn’t, however, put the shelves or bookcases right across from the entrance of a room, because this can make the area appear cluttered.

There are many different types of furniture you can use that provides you with hidden storage. Chests, benches, coffee tables and ottomans will usually have lids that open to reveal areas for hidden storage. Place these items near the areas where you will be using them and the items inside the most.

The way you place your furniture can make a huge difference in how much space your home looks like it has. Place your furniture so it creates pathways you can walk through comfortably, especially in high traffic areas.

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