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Moving Your Mobile Home with Roberts Communities

Mobile homes offer convenience for many people. They are typically assembled in factories and then transported to the desired location and lot. Mobile homes make it easy for those who may be moving, because rather than trying to find a new home, owners can simply prepare their homes, hook them up, and be on their way to the new location. Roberts Communities knows how important it is for all mobile home owners to know how to properly secure and prepare their homes for a move to make a smooth transition and prevent damage to the home or belongings.

• Terminate the lease on the existing lot. Be sure to give plenty of warning, sometimes 30 days or more, to make sure no deposits are forfeited. Typically this will be a written notice, but check with your local park to verify local regulations.

• Schedule the termination of all utilities, then call a professional to disconnect them to prevent accidents. This must be done in advance, before the expected day of moving.

• Remove the skirting from around the home. This can typically be done by the owner, but remember to leave the track alone so it can be reused at the new location.

• Remove or secure all furniture and other items that could excessively weigh down the home. Most heavy furniture should be removed to make transport easier. Remember that the ride will be very bumpy, so try to think of anything that could be jostled about.

• Remove or secure all glass and other breakables from the interior and exterior. This includes light fixtures, name and number plates, dishes, toilet seats, and cabinets. All doors should also be screwed shut.

• Prepare the home for transport by jacking it up and attaching the axles and tires and the tongue. It is best if professionals do this because accidents could be disastrous. It might be tempting to try and save money by doing it youself, but using a professional could prevent destroying your home.

• Make sure the new lot is ready for the home before the move to ensure a smooth move. This involves knowing how the home will be positioned on the lot and ensuring that vegetation and other debris are moved out of the way before the arrival.

Taking the time to follow these steps will help mobile home owners have a successful transition to Roberts Communities, a new place to call home. Visit us today at

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