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Moving and Manufactured Homes

We all know that in this day and age, relocation is sometimes a very difficult thing to avoid. There are many complications that arise from relocations but there are unique factors to consider when relocating your manufactured home. Check out this article for more information on how to move your home efficiently and effectively.

Palm Harbor Homes La LindaWhen moving a manufactured home or a modular home, be sure to research the company you select to do the move thoroughly.

Moving is an expensive endeavor, but the cost of moving a manufactured home can be a bit different than a typical relocation. There is a lot of coordination of different people and parts to get your home to a new location, and costs can vary depending on a variety of factors. Palm Harbor Homes has researched some of the common costs associated with moving a manufactured home so that you can better estimate your move.


The cost of moving your manufactured home heavily depends on the distance. Short distances can cost $1,000 to $5,000, but longer moves can be upwards of $20,000 or more. A good estimation would be between $5-$10 per mile of your move, but you should call a few movers in your area to see what the local average rate would be.

Moving Company

Moving a manufactured home is complicated and it is crucial that you find a moving company that specializes in relocating manufactured and mobile homes. A reputable company should have insurance that will cover your home during the move, permits for transport, be able to effectively disconnect plumbing, electric, and other utilities, and understand the laws for transporting large homes on freeways and roads.

Other Factors

There are a variety of other factors that can impact the cost of moving a manufactured home such as foundation, construction, weight, state permits, size, and ease of transport to the new location. If your home is on a slab, the moving cost may be lower than a block foundation. If your home is particularly heavy, the moving company may need special equipment to haul it. Double wide trailers will cost more than a single section home- or a trailer. If your home has to be split, then the price may double in transport costs. These are all important factors to consider when thinking about relocating.

Repairs After Your Move

While moving companies aim to be as careful as possible, damage still often occurs with transportation. Accidents and damage should be factored into the cost of moving a manufactured home. Check your homeowner’s insurance and the mover’s insurance to check what it covers.

 If you have questions about the cost of moving a manufactured home, call Palm Harbor Homes at 1-888-466-3718. We would be happy to assist you in finding your perfect home.

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