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Manufactured Housing Under Renovation

With real estate values steadily rebounding, the current market for a new home is typically centered around traditional single-family homes.  Lesser known industry standouts, such as manufactured housing, continue to outshine their predecessors with modern design and affordability. Despite shedding its manufactured home park imagery in the late seventies, manufactured housing is here to stay and stands poised to offer a smart alternative to families nationwide.

Given their level of fit and polish, the new breed of manufactured homes reflect the current mood of potential buyers looking to live comfortably in a feature-rich environment while saving big. Gone are the days of bigger-is-better thinking in favor of lower property taxes and pristine neighborhood conditions.

Below is an excerpt from The Wall Street Journal in regards to the current manufactured housing market.

Highland Estates, a residential community in Greenwich Township, Pa., has all the trappings of a pastoral idyll: manicured lawns, pristine roads and quaint homes perched on 55 acres offering views of the countryside.


But this isn’t yet another ritzy suburban community. The homes in Highland Estates are made in a factory and assembled on site.

In other words, they are examples of the latest generation of manufactured homes, which some corporate executives hope will help to update the industry’s image to get beyond its association with trailer parks.

Many manufactured homes today are built to resemble traditional single-family homes. Hitches are gone. Kitchens include wood cabinets and granite countertops, not just laminate and plastic. Walls are made from drywall rather than fake wood paneling.


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