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Manufactured Homes Past and Present

Roberts Communities is a leader in the manufactured housing field. We not only create communities for our clients, but be love to help you turn one of our properties into home sweet home. Manufactured homes were known as mobile homes when they first appeared and used for more of a recreational purpose. The design elements have come along way, since people are now using these homes as a more permanent place to settle and turn into a home. We take pride in actually creating well designed manufactured homes and placing them into a community setting, so that you feel can establish a home.

Roberts Communities

Manufactured Homes in the Past

Originally mobile homes were used for more of a recreational purpose. People would use these homes for travel and as a cheap alternative to paying for hotels on vacation. It was a great way for families to see America through travel and still have similar accommodations that one would find in the home. When the great depression hit many people lost homes and utilized their mobile homes as actual homes. The mobile home was never intended for full-time living, but the depression showed manufacturers an alternative to home living. During the 50’s and 60’s mobile home parks began to pop up across the United States where people could park their homes in a more permanent place. These parks offered people with laundry facilities and community showers. In the 70’s, the mobile home became known as a manufactured home and the Department of Housing and Urban Development started regulating the manufacturing of these homes to create better standards of living for the people who lived in mobile homes.

Manufactured Homes Today

Today manufactured homes are a lot different than the old trailers or RV’s people used for vacations back in the day. They have evolved in many ways and many appear to look like standard homes. The average manufactured home takes 7-10 days to complete. Enhanced aesthetics used to build these homes make them hard to distinguish from traditional homes.  Many of these homes even offer the luxury designs inside that one may find in a model home with back splashes, fixtures, and many up-to-date decorative options that are available. Many people are now choosing to live in manufactured homes, because they are lower in cost and offer the same amenities as regular homes.

About Roberts Communities

Roberts Communities has been an owner and operator of family communities for over 40 years. The founder’s, R.C. Roberts, high standards and professionalism guides the second generation of the Roberts family in maintaining excellent long term relationships with their residents. Owning, developing and managing these communities to the best of their abilities and with unsurpassed hospitality has given the Roberts Family a reputation in the highest regards. This is what the Roberts Family is all about … relationships, professionalism, family, hospitality and always a sense of home.

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