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Manufactured Homes in Texas Heat

When you live in Texas, there are some things that you just deal with in order to be surrounded by beauty and wonderful people. One of those things is the intensely hot summers. When you are in a manufactured home, there are some tips that can help you remain energy efficient and cool even in the hottest parts of summer.

Covered porches like the one on this Evolution from Palm Harbor Homes are perfect for hot Texas nights!During the dog days of a San Antonio summer, here are three important things to know to help keep you cool without breaking your budget!

When you own a manufactured home during a San Antonio summer, it is easy to stay cool. Palm Harbor Homes have some of the highest quality construction methods along with energy efficient packages that can leave you with a cooler environment for less money each month. Here are some other great tips you can implement to thrive in your manufactured home this summer.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

Air conditioning units work on overdrive during the San Antonio summer. Just like any sort of equipment, they need to be properly maintained. Call your local air conditioning company to come out and do an AC tune up. They can properly inspect your unit and fix any issues before it turns into an emergency situation.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats are a great way to stay cool efficiently and are a great addition to your manufactured home. They can be adjusted from your smart phone and are valuable tools to stay cool during the summer. You can turn your AC to a higher temperature while you are at work, and on your commute home, turn it back down to cool your manufactured home by the time you return. Properly utilizing your air conditioning system will give you substantial savings each month.

Lounge on the Patio

On those cooler San Antonio summer nights, you can sit out and relax on your patio. Many Palm Harbor manufactured homes have impressive patios that allow you to sit back and enjoy the hum of the cicadas with a tall cool glass of iced tea in hand. Spending time outside is not always possible during the summer, but a breezy patio makes it much more enjoyable. Take a look at our spacious floor plans that include patios at one of our awesome San Antonio locations.

If you are looking to purchase a manufactured home in San Antonio this summer, contact Palm Harbor Homes. Dial 1-888-466-3718 to speak to one of our manufactured home experts and schedule an appointment today!

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