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Manufactured Homes and Site-Built Homes

At Roberts Communities we offer people the chance to buy modern day manufactured homes that they can turn into home sweet home. Some people may want to know the difference between manufactured homes and site-built homes. One great thing our manufactured homes can offer you is an affordable way to home ownership along with a quicker payoff on your mortgage. Our homes also come in many different floor plans and create great interior designs that make your home feel like a site-built home. Today we would like to share some differences between manufactured homes and site-built homes.

Roberts CommunitiesWhat Is A Site Built Home?

These homes are constructed entirely on-site, where the home will reside. Each site built home is generally built to all state, local and regional codes where the home is located. These homes will increase in value over time if built correctly and maintained properly.

What Is A Manufactured Home?

These homes are built in sections inside a factory and are also built to conform to building codes for the location they will be placed permanently. Manufactured homes are transported in sections by trucks to where they can be placed together by a contractor. Once the home is properly put together a building inspector to make sure it is up-to-code checks it. These homes will also increase in value over time.

Roberts Communities

Our homes offer your family the opportunity to build a home sweet home. We not only offer manufactured homes at an affordable price, but we also offer you and your family a sense of community. We have manufactured communities in the states of Texas and Colorado. Each of our communities showcases well-manicured lawns, parks and community centers for all families to enjoy. We also offer updated floor plans with well-designed interiors that make you feel as if you were living in a site-built home.  Please visit our website for more information and to preview the many communities we offer.

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