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Manufactured Home Decorating Tips

Roberts Communities builds quality manufactured homes for people to create a home sweet home for their families. Once you have chosen the best home for your family you may be stumped on how to decorate your new home. There are many decorating options available to make spaces look more open and appear larger than meets the eye. Roberts Communities would like to offer its new homeowners a few tips on how to decorate their manufactured home.

Decorating Tips For Manufactured Homes


The proper paint color is key to helping a home appear larger. Lighter colors like light blue, light green and yellows offer a brighter way to enlarge the space of any home. Avoiding darker colors is important, because they bring a gloomy feel to any home and also make the space appear small.


Decorating the walls of a manufactured home will help the space seem larger. Hanging mirrors horizontally will elongate the rooms and offer more dimensions.


Using furniture that serves a dual purpose is a great way to utilize space. Placing large furniture against walls and choose furniture that fits the scale of the room.  Never block walk ways with furniture and also showing more floor space will make a room appear larger.  Long or tall furniture should be avoided in smaller spaces, because the ceiling will appear low hanging.

Other Things To Consider

Allowing natural light to flow freely into every room will help the space to feel bigger. Light colored curtains are a great way to brighten and lighten up a space. Also keeping a room clutter-free is a great way to help with organization and enlarge the appearance of a manufactured home.


About Roberts Communities

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