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Keep Your Manufactured Home Cool This Summer Without The Added Cost

Spring is here, and summer is soon to follow. Consider some of these tips for keeping your manufactured home at Roberts Communities nice and cool so you can enjoy your home.

Make sure your air filter is replaced when needed for your air conditioning system. Clean out your system or have it serviced by a professional at least once per seasons to improve its performance.

Put heavy shades or drapes over your windows and keep them closed when the sun is at it’s brightest. Keeping the sun out will help keep your manufactured home nice and cool. Putting sunscreens on your windows can also help block heat and keep your home cool all summer.

Portable fans can do wonders. Run a couple of them inside your manufactured home to circulate the air, which will help drop the temperature indoors.

Purchase some heat-reflecting film on the windows of your home. This helps block out heat from the sun, also.

Put a dehumidifier in your manufactured home to reduce the level of humidity inside. Humid air raises the temperature and makes it feels hotter inside. A dehumidifier will make the air feel cool and lighter.

Awnings provide your home with more shade and cool temperatures by reducing sun exposure.

Avoid using your oven when it is the hottest part of the day. Doing so can quickly increase the temperature inside your mobile home during the summer.

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