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Great Travel Destinations For Seniors (Part 2)

We gave you some great travel options for seniors already, but why not throw a few more great ones into the mix that are certainly worth seeing? Here is part two:

4.) Hawaii
The only state in the union consisting of all islands is our 50th U.S. State. Not much else needs to be told of what Hawaii has to offer for all ages. It is the ultimate vacation spot beloved by anyone who visits. If you really want to take advantage of its natural beauty on the main island of Oahu or the big island of Hawaii or majestic Maui, and are in good health, then go out for supervised snorkeling or scuba diving.

5.) Costa Rica
While on the subject of a tropical paradise, this Central American country whose name translates to “rich coast” is certainly that and more. You’ll find luscious rainforests as well as volcanoes, beaches, mountains, tropical birds, monkeys and the list goes on. Costa Rica is a popular retirement destination for many Americans.  love Americans and do speak English quite fluently. Best of all it is inexpensive, so your money will go a long way there.

6.) Canadian Rockies
Another very popular travel destination for seniors is the spectacular Canadian Rockies that are the Canadian part of the North American Rocky Mountains. It extends from the east in Alberta to the west in British Columbia. These mountains are protected mostly by Canada’s national park system. One of the best ways to see the Canadian Rockies in complete comfort is by taking a glass domed train called The Rocky Mountaineer. It is a luxury hotel, tour guide and everything else you can imagine all on one train.

7.) Alaska
Take a cruise ship to this 49th state that is the largest U.S. state is an extremely popular vacation choice for seniors. Whatever way you choose to go there you will find abundant fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. If that isn’t for you then the scenic beauty alone of Alaska by way of a cruise, glass domed train or plane is worth the entire trip. You will find many unique shops and the people are extremely friendly.

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