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Fire Safety in Manufactured Homes

Fire safety is important regardless of where you live. Being prepared and having a plan can be the difference between life and death. Here are a few things to keep in mind!

Check your smoke alarms regularly. Do the same with your fire extinguisher and make sure the members of the household are aware of where the extinguisher is kept. It is a good idea to have at least two smoke alarms that are tested monthly.

Have a family meeting. Sit down with the whole family and discuss what to do if there is an emergency. Have at least two escape routes planned and practice fire drills. Be sure everyone understands that before you call 911, safely exit the home and borrow a neighbor’s phone.

Check the electricity. Don’t overload electrical outlets. If you notice flickering lights, circuits that go out often, or a “hot” smell when using electricity, call an electrician. Extension cords should be temporary. Do not run electrical cords under rugs. It is likely that the wires will be damaged by the foot traffic. In addition, have the heating checked frequently.

Never leave cooking unattended. This is the leading cause of fires in the United States. Supervise any children who are cooking and stay within eyesight of anything heating on the stove. Keep your cooking surface clean and keep flammable items away from the stovetop. Oil should be heated slowly. In addition, know how to put a lid on a pan that has a grease fire.

Repair any doors or windows that need it. This includes painted shut, nailed shut, or stubborn windows, doors that stick, or difficult locks. Practice exiting through various doors and windows, especially if the windows have security bars or grates. Barred windows usually have a quick-release on the inside.

Be sure everyone in the household knows what to do if there is a fire. As mentioned above, you should not call 911 while inside of your burning home. Using one of the planned escape routes, safely leave the home and borrow a neighbor’s phone. Crawl on the floor if a room is smoky, feel each door before opening them, and stop, drop, and roll if your clothing catches on fire.

Fire safety is very important, especially if you have recently moved somewhere new. Create a few escape routes as soon as you can and practice them. At Roberts Communities, we want to make sure you feel safe in your new manufactured home. We offer homes built to the highest standards and at an affordable price while also giving you and your family a sense of community. Visit us today at for more information.

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