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Exterior Design Ideas for Manufactured Homes

Roberts Communities offers families great design options for the interior of their homes. With new technology for building manufactured homes available we are proud to create home sweet home for our homeowners by helping them have all the luxuries of a site-built home and a lower cost. Sometimes adding your own personal touch to the exterior of a manufactured home can also help you feel more at ease with the overall appearance of the home. Roberts Communities would like to share a few exterior design tips for helping your family re-create the feel of living in a site-built home.

Exterior Home Design Ideas

Roberts Communities


Although most of our homes rest upon well-manicured lawns, adding a few touches of nature the outdoor area of the home will offer a special touch. Planting a few trees in the yard helps the environment and creates a more nature-friendly appearance to the home. Add a garden near the front door or planters full of your favorite flowers to brighten up the exterior with a touch of nature. You can even create a cute little walkway leading to the home using steeping stones.


Build A Porch

Many site-built homes have a porch or patio where people can enjoy sitting outside on nice sunny day. Building a porch or patio will offer a space to enjoy outdoors. Patios and porches are great spaces for entertaining company with backyard barbeques on pretty summer days. This aspect of outdoors remodeling will help you feel more at home in a manufactured home.


Painting the home a new color is a great way to create a new feel to the home. Neutral colors are great for home painting, cream, gray, white or beige, or consider replacing worn vinyl with a wood composite to add a site-built feel to a manufactured home. Add shutters or trims around the windows of the home in green or red to add an at-home feel the outside. Search for a vintage door to give the home a more unique appearance.

At Roberts Communities we want you and your family to create your idea of home sweet home. As you can see from the examples above, it is easy to create a home that appears similar to site-built homes. We build quality homes for families, but it is up to them to decorate the home inside and outside to best fit their design aesthetics.


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