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Dog Park Etiquette 101

If your pooch is ready to go and play, the Woodlake Estate Dog Park is the place to be!

But before taking your pup out to run and play, it’s important to know how both you and your dog should be behaving at the dog park so you can get along with other owners and their furry friends.

Know your dog’s temperament around other people and other dogs. No one else knows your dog as well as you do, and taking them to the dog park means they are being introduced to a new variety of breeds, behaviors and humans. Consider your dog’s temperament and how loose you let them go at the dog park.

ALWAYS clean up after your dog! Many parks have a pooper scoop and trash cans available, but some may not, so always bring extra baggies with you for cleanup. At Woodlake Estates Dog Park, the dog poop fine is $50.00, so don’t forget to scoop!

Always insist on your pet’s best behavior. If you see that your dog is starting to behave aggressively, remove them from the park. Keep puppies at home. Bringing pups that are under 4 months of age could be problematic as they are not trained. If your dog is unresponsive to your verbal commands, do not let them off the leash until they are more responsive.

Always consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s health before taking them to a dog park. Before taking them out, you should also be sure that the Woodlake Estates office has your current rabies certificate for your animal.

At Roberts Communities, we welcome furry friends, but there are some things to consider. All pets must be registered with the management office, including a photo of the pet and a current vaccination certificate to ensure the safety of all other pets in the community. Only inside pets are permitted, cats included, and there are some breeds that are restricted, including: Chows, Rotweilers, Dobermans, Akitas, German Shepards and Pit Bulls.

If any animal has bitten or attacked a person or another animal, it must be removed from the community immediately. Residents are responsible for any damage caused by their pets, and they are not permitted to be outside unattended.

When visiting our dog park, we want all to have fun, animals and humans! Come on over and let your dog run around and make some new pals!

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