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Differences and Similarities of Modular And Manufactured Homes

There are many differences but also many similarities between modular homes and manufactured homes. At Roberts Resorts, , we provide people with the opportunity to buy modern day manufactured homes that they can transform into their ideal home sweet home, just as you could do with a modular home, except at a lower cost.

Modular Homes

Theses homes are constructed in factories just like manufactured homes are, and are transported to the building site in parts (modules). These homes are usually indistinguishable from homes that are built on site and can be very customizable to the preference of the buyer.
A modular home typically costs the same as a home that is traditionally built on-site, depending on size and location.
As far as housing standards and codes are concerned, modular homes must follow the same building codes as on-site homes.
Modular homes are usually considered to be more durable than manufactured homes since they are designed to keep hold during transport and are constructed under a very strict, controlled environment.

Manufactured Homes
Manufactured homes are also constructed in a factory, but can be easily transported as-is once construction is complete and do not need to be split into different parts for transport if the owner wants to move.
Manufactured homes are not customizable, but buyers can select from a wide range of styles and layouts. They can be built as single-sections (made of a single unit) or multi-sectioned.
When it comes to housing standards and codes, manufactured homes must meet specific construction and safety standards allowing them to be built on a permanent chassis.
Manufactured homes are generally less costly than modular homes and can be bought quickly, but at the same time can also be less durable than modular homes.

About Roberts Communities
At Roberts Communities, we not only offer manufactured homes at an affordable price, but we also provide you and your family with a sense of community. With manufactured communities in Texas and Colorado, each of our communities showcases well-manicured lawns, parks and community centers for all families to enjoy. Choose from many different updated floor plans with well-designed interiors that make you feel as if you were living in a site-built home. Please visit for more information on the many communities we offer.

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