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Buying and Financing a Manufactured Home

Owning a home is part of the American Dream. At Roberts Communities, we provide people with the opportunity to buy modern day manufactured homes that they can transform into their ideal home sweet home. Manufactured homes offer all of the amenities of a site-built home at a lower cost. Here are some tips for buying and financing a manufactured home:

1. Know What You Want
Research many different resources for what you want in a home and how to get these things. Know what you seek when it comes to features and floor plans.

2. Research Upgraded Features
There are many features and upgrades that may cost a bit more to make to your home, but in the long run it will extend the life of your home and make living in it cost efficient. These types of features may include roofing, walls, plumbing, and floors.

3. Get Your Finances In Order
Before signing any official documents to purchase your manufactured home, get all of the important numbers organized. Know what percentage needs to be put down, how much you can borrow, if needed, and the terms of any contracts you may have to sign. Be sure that you can afford all of the expenses before making any official decisions. Always be sure to compare and contrast different loan options to get the best deal and lowest interest rates.

4. Be Patient
Waiting for loan approval takes patience. Many loan companies will check applications several times before clearing a loan.

5. Know State Laws
Each state has different laws when it comes to the placement of manufactured homes. Some states require the home to be placed on a concrete slab, while some mobile home parks require that they are placed on packed gravel covered in plastic that is placed in the center to college moisture underneath.

About Roberts Communities
At Roberts Communities, we not only offer manufactured homes at an affordable price, but we also provide you and your family with a sense of community. With manufactured communities in Texas and Colorado, each of our communities showcases well-manicured lawns, parks and community centers for all families to enjoy. Choose from many different updated floor plans with well-designed interiors that make you feel as if you were living in a site-built home. Please visit for more information on the many communities we offer.

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