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Advantages of Owning A Manufactured Home

At Roberts Communities, we provide our community with affordable, premier manufactured housing for families who want it all. Manufactured and modular homes are unique because they are built in a climate-controlled factory, giving a huge benefit to homeowners of the fact that weather related delays or problems will not happen, so you can have a place to call home sweet home without any road blocks. There are many other benefits to owning a manufactured home as well:

Flexibility in Design

Construction of a modular home allows you as the homeowner access to more than hundreds of design possibilities. We and your builder will work with you and your family to discuss all of your personal needs and preferences when it comes to your future home. Choose a layout and other features based on what you want your dream home to look like and how you want to fit with your lifestyle.

Construction Speed

As mentioned before, the speed of construction is a very big perk of buying a modular home. These homes are usually built in about one-third of the time a site-built home would take. The quicker timing also means reduced interest on construction financing.

Energy Efficient

New generations of manufactured homes are being built with the environment in mind. Manufactured home factories are not outfitting their homes with ENERGY STAR appliances with great care to make sure each home has efficient heating and cooling systems, water heaters and high performance windows that will lower your energy costs.


Manufactured housing is a very affordable option for those looking to purchase a new home. They will usually cost 10-35% less per square foot than a site-built home, giving you the allowance to create a home for your family without going into a ridiculous amount of debt.

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