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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Roberts Communities!

Roberts Communities requires that all of our vendor team members enroll with our corporate office prior to doing business with any of our communities. We want to ensure our vendor team abides by our reputable business practices and ethical standards before beginning a working relationship with any of our properties. This also ensures that our residents, communities, and vendors have an overall better experience by minimizing unwanted risk.

How to Become an Approved Vendor/Subcontractor/Supplier

This checklist provides all the information you will need to become a Roberts Communities approved vendor team member:

  • Completed and signed W-9 tax form.
  • Completed and signed Contractor Certification form.
  • Completed Vendor Contact Information sheet.
  • Acord 25 (Certificate of Liability Insurance).

An Acord 25 (Certificate of Liability Insurance) that shows the amount of current worker’s compensation coverage and at least 1 million in current general liability coverage. It must also list “Roberts Communities and all related entities” as certificate holders. For additional information of required limits on General liability and workers comp.

Click to download Vendor/Subcontractor/Supplier packet forms

Please send the completed vendor packet to

How to Get Paid

Electronic Invoicing has proven to be the most efficient way of conducting business with our vendor team by electronically sending and receiving core business documents. This systematic process of electronically exchanging information makes doing business easier for both of us and is highly valued by our vendor team members. We expect you to begin performing electronic transactions as soon as you establish a relationship with us.

Click here to download a list of FAQs about Getting Paid.

How to submit and invoice

Option 1 (Preferred):

  • Email invoice to
  • Include PDF attachment under 5MB
  • One invoice per PDF (emails can include multiple attachments)
  • Include any back-up documentation within the invoice’s PDF (invoice must be page 1)

Option 2:

Submit via US Mail to:

Roberts Communities
8350 E Raintree Suite 220
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Terms & Payment Conditions

Roberts Communities has established a standard vendor payment term to maintain a balance between cash inflows and outflows that reflect our current operating environment. The upfront establishment of clear payment practices helps ensure positive vendor team member relations, allowing for efficient and cost-effective processing.

The standard payment terms range are 30 days for all vendors. “Payment Term” is the number of days from “invoice date” to “payment date.” All invoice dates must be after goods have been received and/or services have been provided. Pre-dated invoices will be rejected or terms will be extended to conform to our standard.

The standard terms are not negotiable and will be used for all payments regardless of vendor requests or terms per invoice. If unusual circumstances warrant an exception to the standard term (for example, the vendor is offering a substantial early payment discount), forward the request to the Accounts Payable Department via email at Please include a detailed explanation for the exception request.

Summary of Our Process to Get You Paid

  1. *AvidPay Electronic Payment solution is a preferred and expected method of payment. All data relevant to ePayments submitted for processing will be electronically transmitted to the vendor’s bank within 2-4 business days from the day ePayment is initiated. Vendor will receive an e-mail notification at the time of payment which contains the invoice number and amount paid from each property (if more than one property involved).
  2. All invoices must have the vendor name, vendor remit address, description of service/product, invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, park’s name, address, unit number (if applicable), and PO Number.
  3. Standard payment terms to vendors are net 30. “Payment Term” is the number of days from “invoice date” to “payment date.”
  4. All inquiries regarding the status of payment should be directed to

To take advantage of AvidPay Electronic Payment solution, effective immediately, please provide us your payment remittance information. It is important to update your information in order to ensure prompt payment receipt and prevent future payment information requests.

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